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The high flow pressure regulator designed to regulate the downstream pressure in irrigation systems. Ideal for drip irrigations systems with high flow rates or regulating system pressure on pumped systems.

The high flow irrigation pressure regulator is a vital component in modern irrigation systems, ensuring optimal water pressure for efficient and uniform watering. This device allows users to customize and fine-tune the water pressure according to the specific needs of different zones within a landscape. By regulating pressure, it prevents excessive water usage, minimizes the risk of damage to irrigation components, and promotes water conservation.

The flexibility of an high flow pressure regulator accommodates various types of plants with differing water requirements. Users can adapt the pressure to suit the layout, soil types, and specific irrigation needs of different areas, resulting in a more effective and resource-efficient watering system. Overall, these regulators enhance the precision and performance of irrigation systems while promoting sustainable water management practices.

Bermad is a globally recognized company specializing in advanced control and management solutions for water supply and irrigation systems. With a focus on innovation, Bermad produces a wide range of valves, control devices, and hydraulic solutions designed to optimize water distribution networks. Their products cater to diverse industries, ensuring efficient water flow, pressure management, and system reliability. Bermad’s commitment to technological excellence and sustainability has established them as a trusted provider in the field of water management, addressing the challenges of water conservation, precision irrigation, and reliable fluid control across various applications globally.

High flow pressure regulator technical specifications:
Inlet thread: 1″ BSPF
Outlet thread: 1″ BSPF
Regulator type: Adjustable
Material: Acetal
Manufacturer: Bermad
EPR4F-A Flow range 0.4-8m3/h – Pressure range 0.5-1.2 bar
EPR4F-B Flow range 0.4-8m3/h – Pressure range 1.0-2.0 bar
EPR4F-C Flow range 0.4-8m3/h – Pressure range 1.5-3.5 bar
EPR4F-D Flow range 0.4-8m3/h – Pressure range 3.0-5.5 bar

High Flow Pressure Regulator

Adjustable pressure regulator to prevent over-pressure situations in irrigation systems with high flows, such as field scale irrigation.

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