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The Ice Valve is designed to withstand frost down to -20 degrees C. Ideal for outdoor taps.

These polypropylene ball valves are well-suited for water supply and irrigation purposes, even in the harshest climatic conditions. Their design ensures robust performance across extreme temperature ranges, preventing damaged caused by the freezing of fluids within the valve and the subsequent expansion in volume. Additionally, these valves exhibit complete resistance to freezing and thawing cycles down to -20 degrees C.

Crafted from a special compound, these valves feature a single body construction, ensuring durability and adaptability under conditions that may harm other plastic valves.

Water undergoes expansion when it freezes, creating a potential hazard for plumbing pipes. As ice forms, it exerts tremendous pressure on the pipe walls, causing them to crack or burst. This can result in leaks, flooding, and extensive property damage. The expanding ice can also weaken pipe integrity over time, leading to structural issues. Regular maintenance and insulation are crucial to prevent the costly consequences of frozen water damaging plumbing systems, especially in colder climates.

For easy installation use a wall plate

Ice Valve Technical specification:
1/2″ BSPM Inlet has 3/4″ BSPM Outlet
3/4″ BSPM Inlet has 1″ BSPM Outlet

Ice Valve

Frost resistant tap for outdoor use.

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