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Use this temporary lawn watering kit to to help establish a new lawns or grass areas. It is ideal for cricket squares, reseeded areas on sports pitches, dust suppression on ménage areas or to establish sedum mats on green roofs.

These temporary watering kits use sturdy metal sled risers and commercial quality 19mm (3/4″) hose to connect the sprinklers to the water supply. The design of the sled riser allows the watering sleds and hose to be pulled (carefully) across the grass from one established grass area to another when watering larger grass areas. However, don’t do this on newly seeded or turfed areas.

Low precipitation sprinklers

Low precipitation sprinklers allow a large area to be watered with a standard outside garden tap. Another advantage of low precipitation sprinklers is that they will maximise the absorption of the water into the soil and reduce any water run off. The system can be automated with a tap timer to allow unattended overnight watering. Several watering kits can be connected to a multi-outlet battery controller if larger areas need to be watered with a limited water supply.

Why use a temporary lawn watering kit?

Grassed areas have been seeded or turfed, are very vulnerable to drying out and dying. A new lawn is very expensive to lay, so it makes sense to ensure the lawn establishes quickly. The temporary watering kits can also be used for dust suppression on horse arenas and as a way of watering in sedum blankets on new green roof installations.

Operation of temporary sprinklers

Water supply: Requires 1.5-3 bar pressure at the sprinkler head. Flow per sprinkler: 180 l/h @ 2 bar
Watering time: Operate for 1.5 hours overnight to replace the evaporation loss that takes place on a hot summer’s day
Coverage: Medium lawn watering kit covers area 10m x 25m and the Large 10m x 40m.

STLW (medium kit) includes: 3 risers – each with a sprinkler that covers 10M diameter, 25M of 19mm (3/4″) hose, tap connector and all fittings required.

STLWL (large kit) includes: 5 risers – each with a sprinkler that covers 10M diameter, 50M of 19mm (3/4″) hose, tap connector and all fittings required.

Temporary Lawn Watering Kits

Temporary sprinklers for establishing seeded and turfed lawns, and green roof installations. Medium and large kit available.

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