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The Hunter wireless Rain-Click sensor allows the watering to be suspended on the irrigation control panel if it has rained recently, conserving water and preventing plants from being over-watered.

Most rain-sensing devices work by accumulating a set amount of rainfall before a switch is activated that interrupts the circuit from the controller and shuts off the system. In that “accumulation time”, the system will unnecessarily continue to water. This can look especially bad for conservation-conscious municipalities, businesses, and residences. With built-in Quick Response technology, the Hunter Rain-Clik and Wireless Rain-Clik can command a controller to shut off right when it starts to rain. The Rain-Clik can be mounted on an eave or any flat vertical surface like a wall or fence.

In addition, the sensor has a frost sensing function, which will shut off the system if the temperature drops below 3 degrees Celsius (37 degrees Fahrenheit). This is useful during late frosts in the springtime as the irrigation system is required before the danger of frosts has passed.

Manufactured by Hunter Industries, one of the world’s leading irrigation companies, renowned for their innovation and product quality.

Hunter wireless Rain-Click sensor specifications

  • Instant Quick Response rain shutoff
    • Time to turn off irrigation system: approximately 2 to 5 minutes for Quick Response
    • Time to reset Quick Response: approximately 4 hours under dry, sunny conditions
    • Time to reset when fully wet: approximately 3 days under dry, sunny conditions
  • Maintenance-free design with integrated battery for wireless models
  • Adjustable vent ring allows for shorter or longer reset period
  • Rugged polycarbonate housing and metal extension arm
  • Includes gutter bracket and wall mount with wireless models
  • Compatible with most normally open or normally closed irrigation controllers

The rain sensor over-ride can be adjusted to shut watering system off between 1/8″ (0.125mm) and 1″ (25.4mm) of rainfall.

Hunter wireless Rain-Click sensor

Wireless rain sensor for weather sensitive watering

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