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This DAB Variable Speed Submersible Pump is an auto-start, variable speed pump is ideally to applications with higher flows. Variable speed pumps are also beneficial where these are big differences of flow between irrigation zones on the irrigation system, such as when large lawns and smaller borders are being watered. Variable speed pumps reduce the strain on the pump and increase efficiency by only spinning the impellers as fast as necessary to maintain pressure.

The unit has a built-in non return valve. Install in a vertical position only.

Technical Information
Esybox Diver is a 7 inch multi-impeller electronic pump with variable frequency drive for clean water designed for use in wells, tanks or cisterns. The pump can be used submerged, partially submerged or on the surface (with the DOC68 accessory, supplied separately). The pump is suitable for pressurization, rainwater re-use and gardening and irrigation activities in residential building service. The pump integrates the variable frequency drive for operation according to the system requirements, a non-return valve and a handle in stainless steel for transport. The suction height is adjustable from the bottom up to 8 cm. It is possible to connect a float and a level sensor without compromising the water tightness of the pump thanks to the NFC (Near Field Communication) pocket. Equipped with expansion tank, the use of an external expansion tank is not needed. Wi-Fi enabled. DConnect Box 2 included, by downloading the DConnect app for Android or iOS you can control the pump from your smartphone.

DAB Variable Speed Submersible Pump is manufactured by DAB

Flow (m3/hr): 5.75@20m, 5.1@30m, 4.5@40m, 3.75@50m, In/Out: 1″ BSPF FLC amps: 5.0

DAB Variable Speed Submersible Pump

Variable submersible pump for rainwater storage tanks

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