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Floating pump inlet takes the water from just below the surface of the water, where it is at its cleanest. It is ideal for dirtier water sources such as rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. The floating inlet can also be used with rainwater harvesting tanks where there will be large changes in water level. As the water level rises and falls, so does the floating inlet.

Generally, water is cleanest just below the surface. very light material such as leaves and pollen will float on the surface and heavier solids much and mud and dirt will fall to the bottom. As the water level rises and falls during the year, the pump inlet will also rise and fall, ensuring only the cleanest water is pumped regardless of the water level.

The floating pump inlet is available in two options. With the suction hose option the hose can simply be screwed to the inlet of the pump, making installation quick and simple. The floating inlet consists of a floating ball and a brass inlet fitting with stainless steel strainer and check valve. The check valve prevents the water from flowing backwards out of the pipework once the pump has been turned off.

EWTRPI – Brass inlet valve with 1″ thread and plastic float

EWTRPI-1M – Brass inlet valve with 1″ thread, plastic float and 1m suction hose with 1″ BSPM thread

Floating Pump Inlet

Floating inlet draws water from the cleanest part of the pond or lake – just below the surface

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