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Designed for shorter T-tape runs for glasshouses, polytunnels and outdoor planted beds. A header pipe is run along the end of the bed and a hole is punched into the header wherever a run of T-tape drip tape is needed. The T-tape entry fittings are then inserted into the header pipe and the drip tape connected.

At the far end of the run of T-tape, a stop end is created by cutting a 1cm ring off T-tape off the end and then folding over the end of the pipe 2 or 3 times and sliding it inside the pre-cut tape ring.

  • Suitable for run lengths up to 50m.
  • One T-tape entry fitting required per run.
  • Pack of 10 or 100 entry fittings for T-tape.

Requires 4mm hole to be punched into the side wall of the header pipe.

For tape runs over 50m use TTK16-16


T-tape Entry Fittings

Entry fittings pack designed for 16mm Trickle Tape

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