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The Static fertiliser dilutor is designed to add concentrated fertiliser (liquid feed) into the water flow, making larger scale feeding simple and easy. Being able to easily add liquid fertilisers to the plants makes regular feeding easy, resulting in stronger and heathier plants and improved flowering.

Hoses are connected on the inlet and outlet and as soon as the water flows through the hose, fertiliser will be added to the water flow, diluted to the correct concentration. The hose can be connected to sprinklers so that they can feed as they water, or a hand watering lance can be used to water the plants around the plant nursery or garden.

How the static dilutor works

Designed to be filled, put near the tap, and then not moved until emptied. The bottle is filled to the brim with concentrated liquid feed. This fertiliser can be between 10 times and 100 times stronger than the desired final mixture. When the hoses have been connected the bottle is pressurised and fertiliser is added into the water flow as it passes through the metering head. One filling can treat up to 900 litres of water. Max operating pressure 2.5 bar.

When operating, as the concentrated fertiliser (which will be slightly heavier than water) is drawn from the Static Fertiliser Dilutor bottle, a small amount of plain water replaces it to prevent a vacuum in the bottle. As plain water is slightly lighter than fertiliser, this will sit on top of the fertiliser – if the fertiliser is dark you will be able to see the fertiliser level fall as the feed is used. To prevent the plain water from mixing in with the fertiliser, the bottle must not be moved during operation and all of the liquid feed must be used in one watering. For more versatility we sell a Mobile Fertiliser Dilutor.

Max operating pressure: 2.5 bar,
Bottle material: Polythene.
Bottle capacity: 9.0 litres of fertiliser (2.0 gal)
Hose connections: Geka type hose fittings & hose quick connectors
Flow rate: min 0.3 m3/h (60 gph) – max 2.3 m3/h (500 gph)
Dilution jets supplied: 10:1 25:1, 50:1, 100:1

Benefits of a fertiliser dilutor

A fertiliser dilutor, or proportioner, offers a multitude of benefits for both amateur gardeners and professional growers:

1. Accurate Nutrient Delivery: A dilutor ensures precise mixing of fertilizers with water, eliminating the risk of over or under-fertilization. This accuracy prevents plant stress and optimizes nutrient uptake.

2. Time and Labour Savings: Fertilizer dilutors automate the fertilization process, reducing the time and effort required for manual mixing and application. This is especially advantageous for large agricultural operations.

3. Consistency: Dilutors provide consistent nutrient ratios throughout the irrigation system, resulting in uniform plant growth and healthier crops.

4. Environmental Stewardship: By avoiding excess fertiliser runoff, dilutors reduce the risk of water pollution, helping protect the environment and comply with regulations.

5. Increased Efficiency: Dilutors promote efficient use of fertilisers, reducing waste and lowering input costs. This efficiency contributes to higher yields and better profitability.

6. Ease of Use: They are user-friendly and adaptable to various irrigation systems, making them accessible to a wide range of growers.

In summary, a fertiliser dilutor is a valuable tool that enhances the precision, efficiency, and sustainability of fertilizer application. It ensures plants receive the right nutrients in the right quantities, fostering healthier, more productive crops while minimizing environmental impact.

UK Water Regulations require a double check valve tap in domestic situations and a pump and tank set for commercial use, to prevent backflow contamination of water supply.

Static Fertiliser Dilutor

Access static fertiliser dilutor. Designed for hand watering applications where the dilutor bottle will not be moved during watering

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