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The Mobile dilutor for fertiliser is designed to add concentrated fertiliser (liquid feed) into the water flow, making larger scale feeding simple and easy. Being able to easily add liquid fertilisers to the plants makes regular feeding easy, resulting in stronger and heathier plants and improved flowering. Being able to feed as you water makes it more likely the appropriate amount of fertiliser will be added during the growing season, boosting plant growth, enhancing flowering and increasing crop yields.

Benefits of the Mobile Fertiliser Dilutor

Adding fertiliser to plants using a watering can is slow and laborious, with many heavy watering cans needed to feed larger areas. The Mobile Fertiliser Dilutor makes this process simple as concentrated fertiliser is added to the bottle. Hoses are connected on the inlet and outlet and as soon as the water flows through the hose, fertiliser will be added to the water flow, diluted to the correct concentration.

The hose can be connected to sprinklers so that they can feed as they water, or a hand watering lance can be used to water the plants around the plant nursery or garden. If the area is large the mobile fertiliser dilutor can be moved from standpipe to standpipe until all of the feeding is finished.

How the mobile dilutor works

Concentrated liquid feed is placed inside an inner bag. This fertiliser can be 200 or 100 times stronger than the desired final mixture. When the hoses have been connected the inner bag is pressurised and fertiliser is added into the water flow as it passes through the metering head. One filling can treat up to 1,300 litres of water. Unlike our Static Fertiliser Dilutor the inner bag has a number of advantages: the unit only needs to be part filled, it can be moved from tap to tap without disturbing the final dilution rate and can be left part filled overnight. A wider range of chemicals can be used.

Max operating pressure: 4.0 bar,
Bottle material: Heavy duty polythene.
Bottle capacity: 6.5 litres of fertiliser (1.4 gal)
Hose connections: Geka type hose fittings
Flow rate: min 0.3 m3/h (60 gph) – max 3.4 m3/h (750 gph)
Dilution jets supplied: 200:1, 150:1, 100:1

Benefits of feeding as you water

Feeding plants with liquid fertilizer offers a range of compelling benefits for gardeners, growers, nurseries and farmers alike.

  1. Quick Nutrient Absorption: Liquid fertilizers are readily available to plants, allowing for swift nutrient absorption through both foliar (leaf) and root uptake. This results in faster growth and improved plant health.
  2. Precision Feeding: Liquid fertilizers are highly customizable, enabling growers to tailor nutrient mixes to their plants’ specific needs. This precision helps address nutrient deficiencies and optimizes plant growth.
  3. Even Distribution: Liquid fertilizers can be easily applied uniformly across a plant’s entire surface, ensuring every part receives adequate nourishment. This consistency leads to balanced growth and healthier plants.
  4. Reduced Environmental Impact: Liquid fertilizers are less likely to leach into groundwater compared to granular fertilizers, reducing the risk of water pollution and minimizing the environmental footprint of agriculture.
  5. Versatility: Liquid fertilizers can be used in various ways, from drip irrigation to foliar spraying, making them suitable for a wide range of crops and gardening practices.
  6. Rapid Response: Liquid fertilizers can provide a quick response to nutrient deficiencies or stress conditions, helping plants recover more rapidly.
  7. Convenient Application: Liquid fertilizers are easy to handle and mix, simplifying the fertilization process for both small-scale gardeners and large-scale agricultural operations.

UK Water Regulations require a double check valve tap in domestic situations and a pump and tank set for commercial use, to prevent backflow contamination of water supply.

Mobile Fertiliser Dilutor

High Pressure Mobile dilutor. Heavy duty model for higher water pressures.

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