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The Mist propagator for cuttings kit is designed as a complete mist propagation kit for 1.5m wide benches. Bench riser kits are ideal where the spray lines cannot be suspended over the mist propagation bench.

Why use Mist Propagation?
Mist propagation is the professional way of rooting cuttings and germinating seedlings using spray to keep the leaves of the plants moist. Combined with bottom heat for a warm root system, the mist prop keeps the leaves of the plants cool and moist. Wet leaf sensor ensures that the mist bursts are weather responsive.

A mist propagator for cuttings consists of a controller and a wet leaf sensor. The wet leaf is designed to mimic the characteristics of a real plant leaf, so when it is dry water is sprayed over the area until the wet leaf detects enough water has fallen. Then the system is turned off until the wet leaf has dried again. In this way, the system is completely weather responsive.

Weaning capability allows the duration between spray bursts to be progressively increased to get the plants used to not being under the spray and to prepare them for moving out of the mist prop system.

Mist propagator for cuttings kit contents
Included are mist nozzles on 0.5m high risers designed for benches 1.5m wide, connecting pipework to space the nozzles 1.25m apart down the bench, mist-wean controller with wet leaf, solenoid valve, glue and instructions.

Available in lengths between 1.25m – 12.5m. (Extra 1.25m runs available – please contact the sales team)

Bench not included.

Riser Mist Propagation Kit – 1.5m Wide Bench

Mist propagation kit for cuttings with risers for 1.5m wide benches

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