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The Access Mist and Wean controller is designed for the reliable propagation of cuttings, and it is especially useful for hard-to-propagate cuttings.

Before the cuttings have developed roots, they are unable to take up water to maintain their plant function. By covering the cuttings in as thin firm of mist, evaporation losses are minimised. The cuttings are also cooled by the mist. This, in conjunction with a warm base promoted the rapid development of the cuttings and also reduces plant losses.

Once the cuttings have rooted successfully, they need to be weaned off the mist – if they are take out from under the mist without weaning they plants will suffer severe stress. The ‘wean’ dial on the controller allows a progressively longer interval between the misting to get the cuttings used to growing normally.

The controller is normally used in conjunction with Amber mist nozzles which produce a very find mist, boosting humidity and reducing waterlogging.

The Access Mist and Wean controller controller features three easy to use dials:

The ‘valve on’ dial allows the burst length to be set.

The ‘delay’ dial can be set to ‘off’, in which case the mist will burst every time the wet leaf dries out, or it can be set to a minimum delay to allow for weaning.

Finally the ‘sensitivity’ dial adjusts the sensitivity of the wet leaf. Includes: 2.5m wet leaf, mains plug, cable and solenoid cable.

Mist and Wean Controller

Easy to operate, highly reliable Mist-Wean controller

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