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The galvanised metal sprinkler stake is designed for watering shrub beds and flower borders with taller plants, the 1m galvanised metal stake can be pushed into the ground and have a sprinkler fitted to the top to water the border. With it’s extra height it will throw water over the top of the plants, achieving better coverage when irrigation the border. Suitable for commercial landscape and private garden use.

The metal stake comes with a sprinkler fitting and 1m flexible lead and plunger to connect to supply pipe. Select a suitable sprinkler nozzle from our sprinkler range to cover the bed width – the sprinklers will cover a bed width of between 1m and 3m. To fit the flexible lead into the supply pipe on the bed requires a 3mm punch.

By adding sprinklers to the garden beds, regular watering can be achieved during periods of dry weather. The sprinklers can be connected back to a tap, either allowing the watering to be turned on each day for 20-30 minutes or allowing a timer to be used for fully automated border watering. For sprinkler systems it is recommended that the watering takes place early in the morning or late at night to minimise evaporation losses.

Available in packs of 10 or 100

Galvanised Metal Sprinkler Stake

Galvanised metal riser for border watering

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