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10″/25cm round valve box for pedestrian duty areas. Heavy duty black polypropylene valve box body with green plastic lid manufactured by Irritec.

Valve box uses
Valve boxes are ideal for covering remote solenoid valves and also providing easy access to underground taps for remote watering. They can also be used at the end of a pipe run to allow the pipework to be drained down in the winter time.

Valve box specification
Pipe cut-outs at base to allow pipes to come into the valve box from multiple directions. Black plastic with green lid. The bayonet lid fitting allows easy access to the valve box The wells allow vehicle passage for maintenance of the greens and, as a result, they are also specified for parks, sports fields and public green areas.

Valve Box installation
Dig a hole for the valve box that is larger than the box, as the pipes will need to be taken into the valve box area. Once the hole is the correct depth, compact the earth and lay a weed suppressant mat at the bottom to keep dirt and roots out of the box. Level the box with the surrounding area, bringing the pipes into the bottom and fit any valves or manifolds. Back fill and compact the soil around the valve box and put 25mm of small stone gravel in the base to aid drainage.

Round valve box size:
Height 25cm. Lid diameter 23cm. Black plastic with green lid. Pedestrian duty. Height 25cm.


10″ Round Valve Box

10″ round pedestrian duty valve box for underground fittings and take-off points

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