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An underground irrigation valve manifold will provide a neat installation in the garden, the control valves can be buried under the lawn or in a border, keeping all of the pipework out of sight.

Why use a multi zone tap manifold?

For larger garden irrigation system the watering is divided into a number of separate zones, for example a zone to water the lawn and a zone to water the flower borders, and perhaps a separate zone to water the hanging baskets. Each individual zone needs its own solenoid valve to allow the irrigation controller to turn that zone on and off.

A pressurised water supply is required to the underground irrigation valve manifold and a mains powered controller (not included) is needed to operate the 24v valves using low voltage, multi-core cable (not included). Inlet and outlet fittings are 1″ BSPF.

Valve box dimensions 38cm x 25cm (lid) x 30cm high. Water Regulations stipulate that for above ground drip or sprinkler systems in domestic gardens, the irrigation system must be protected by a DB valve.

The master valve kit provides the DB valve, master solenoid valve and riser pipe.

Technical Specification
Inlet fitting: 1″ BSPF to connect to the water supply pipe
Outlet fittings: either 1″ BSPF or 3/4″ BSPM threads. (both included)
Valves: Hunter PGV – choice of 2 or 4 valves.
Solenoid voltage: 24v, suitable for mains operated irrigation controllers

Excludes controller

24v Underground Valve Manifold

Valve box with solenoid valves to provide automated irrigation for up to 4 separate zones.

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