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A quick coupling valve allow hoses to be quickly connected to an underground irrigation supply pipe. Once the take-off connector is pushed into the lower part of the coupling valve, the water supply becomes live. A hinged cap covers the lower part of the connector while the valve is not is use, preventing dirt and debris falling into the mechanism.

Often used in Garden Centres, the connection points can be used to connect bench sprinklers. In large private gardens, stately homes and parks, an underground supply pipe can be run down the length of the garden or park and quick valves fitted every 20 – 30m. A hose trolley can then be used to hand water, plugging the hose into the take-off points as the watering progresses.

Quick coupling valves are normally located under a valve box and are used for hand watering points or for connection of temporary irrigation sprinklers. The lower part of the quick coupling is connected to the underground supply pipe either by a tee piece or a pipe saddle.

On sports pitches a number of quick coupling valves can be located down the length of the touch line, allowing sprinklers to be connected to water the pitch.

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Plastic auto opening valve with 3/4″ BSPM inlet thread and hinged cap.

Quick Coupling Valve

Take-off point for underground take-off point. Water is supplied as soon as the coupling take-off is inserted

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