Pop-up cricket square watering package

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Pop-up watering package for cricket square irrigation including pump and storage tank with automatic control
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The Pop-up cricket square watering package from Access Irrigation is designed to allow smaller clubs to benefit from a built-in watering system for the cricket square. The package consists of a storage tank and pump to comply with Water Regulations, supply pipework to the cricket square and 4 quality pop-up sprinklers from Rainbird, one of the world’s leading sprinkler manufacturers.

One sprinkler is located on each side of the 30m x 30m cricket square, buried into the ground so that only the small head of the sprinkler is exposed. Each sprinkler waters a 180 degree arc, ensuring even coverage of the entire square. One sprinkler operates at a time and can be programmed to automatically water during the night when evaporation levels are at their lowest. A unique feature of the Rainbird sprinkler is the ability to manually over-ride the sprinkler setting so that the sprinkler can water in a 360 degree arc. This allows some of the outfield to be watered as well.

The Water Regulations require a break tank to be installed to ensure there is no contamination of the public drinking water supply. The package includes a plastic storage tank and suitable electric pump along with an automatic controller for programmed watering. A rain sensor is also included to ensure watering is only carried out during drier weather.


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