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The Hunter Accu-Sync pressure regulator fits onto Hunter PGV and ICV solenoids to allow pressure regulation of the water flow. The regulator works on both 24v solenoid valves and 9v latching valves.

Regulating pressure saves water and extends the life of the irrigation system and also ensures that the sprinklers operate at their correct pressure, reducing misting at the nozzle. Saving water is achieved through regulation by operating each zone at the optimal pressure for that equipment and application type. Accu Sync is a simple pressure regulator designed to be compatible with all of Hunter’s control valves. The adjustable model enables the zone pressure to be set anywhere between 1.4 and 7 bar (140 to 700 kPa).

From a reliability standpoint, Accu Sync is unparalleled. Glass-filled nylon construction makes the Accu Sync strong enough to handle the rigors of any project. No matter which model you choose, all zones stay in tune with Accu Sync. The Accu Sync comes with a solenoid adaptor to allow it to be fitted on to the solenoid body beneath the solenoid coil.

Manufactured by Hunter Industries, one of the world’s leading irrigation companies with a reputation for innovation and reliability.

Hunter Accu-Sync pressure regulator specifications:

  • Regulation range: 1.5 – 7.0 bar
  • Static pressure: 10 bar
  • Required dynamic pressure differential: 1.0 bar
  • Works with 24v AC valves and 9v DC latching solenoids
  • Works with any Hunter valve

Hunter Accu-Sync Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulator for Hunter solenoid valves

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