Quality Sprinklers for Irrigation

Sprinklers are the most important part of an irrigation system, so it pays to go for quality equipment. We only sell sprinklers and sprinkler equipment from the world’s leading sprinkler brands, so you can rest assured they are up to the task.

Our range of sprinklers and sprinkler equipment are suitable for a range of environments. Whether you want to water your lawn at home or an entire nursery, we have the sprinkler solution to meet your needs.

We stock a broad range of small and large sprinklers, sprinkler equipment, risers and watering kits to ensure your sprinkler system runs as smoothly as possible.

If you’re unsure which product would be best for you, feel free to contact us on 01788 823811 and our expert team will be happy to advise. Alternatively, email us at sales@access-irrigation.co.uk. We offer FREE delivery on all orders over £100 (+VAT).