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This brass shut off hose connector shuts off when disconnected. Designed to be compatible with popular brands of hose snap connectors.

Self lubricating anti-limescale inner core with 6 stainless steel thrust balls and a stainless steel spring for superior performance. For 1/2″ hose. Fits a male brass tap adaptor.

Please note: This brass shut off hose connector is not designed to sit at full pressure for long periods of time, you will still need to turn the main tap off when you have finished the watering.

Snap hose connectors have transformed the gardening experience by introducing a seamless and effective method for joining hoses. Featuring a rapid-connect mechanism, they eliminate the need for manual threading, providing a secure attachment with a simple snap. This not only saves time but also prevents water leakage, supporting water conservation initiatives. The adaptability of snap hose connectors is evident in their compatibility with various hose sizes and watering tools. Whether connecting a hose to a tap, sprinkler, or spray nozzle, these connectors guarantee a reliable and leak-free connection. Crafted from durable materials like brass, they ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear, making them essential accessories for gardeners seeking convenience and efficiency in their watering routines.

Shut off Hose Connector

Quick connector hose fitting with shut-off valve for 1/2″ hose

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