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The Small Temporary Lawn Watering Kit is ideal for watering up to 100m2 of lawn after turfing or seeding – or just as way of greening up the lawn after a dry spell.

Using metal spiked risers for the lawn topped with professional quality sprinkler nozzles from Hunter and commercial grade 1/2” hose, this kit quickly and easily connects together to water the lawn, either during establishment or during hot, dry spells.

The watering kit uses professional quality sprinkler nozzles from Hunter Industries, one of the world’s leading sprinkler manufacturers. The MP rotator nozzles provide a gentle, rain like, spray at a low precipitation rate to maximise water absorbtion and minimise water run off.

The kit will water an area 100m2 (15.8m x 6.4m). If the system is run for 4 hours at night it will gently put the equivalent of 1 weeks worth of rain down on the lawn – a garden tap timer will automate this. By watering at night a timer will ensure the evaporation rate is minimised, reducing water wastage. The lawn will also have had time to absorb the water before the heat of the day.

Small Temporary Lawn Watering Kit includes:

  • 3 metal spiked risers with MP rotator nozzles
  • 25m professional grade hose
  • Quick connectors to join up the system
  • Tap fittings for a standard outside garden tap

Small Temporary Lawn Watering Kit

Small temporary lawn watering kit to water lawns up to 100m2. Ideal for watering after turfing or seeding.

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