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12mm Tricoflex professional quality yellow hose. It is also known as 1/2″ garden hose. Top quality five-layer Tricoflex hose provides flexibility and durability, with built-in kink resistance and non-torsion technology.  Bright yellow to reduce trip hazards in commercial situations.

Manufactured by Tricoflex in the Champagne region of France, Tricolex is regarded as the best quality hose for commercial horticulture and is found in garden centres, nurseries, market gardens, farms, vegetable growers and on construction sites. The 12mm Tricoflex hose uses the companies Non-torsion technology for superior performance.

Tricoflex hose construction

The multi-layer design is made up of five separate layers, including a woven fibre layer and a double core layer, Tricoflex is highly flexible for easy handling, with excellent resistance to repeated bending, crushing and pulling. In addition, the lining is extremely smooth, maintaining even flow through the hose. Especially thick and made of high quality materials, Tricoflex offers excellent aging resistance with superb preservation of flexibility. Its exterior yellow PVC covering gives it good protection against abrasion and UV. The yellow covering also promotes safe use as it can easily be seen by customers and contractors.

Benefits of 12mm (1/2″) hose

12mm Tricoflex hose is also known as 1/2″ garden house and is the standard hose size for private hoses and gardens so will fit all hose fittings designed for garden use, including brass snap connectors that are compatible with Hozelock and Gardena fittings. The hose can be mounted on a hose reel for portability.

Technical specifications

Bar rating: 10 bar
Burst pressure: 25 bar
Inside diameter: 12.5mm
Outside diameter: 17.6mm
Wall thickness: 2.55mm
Bending radius: 125mm
Hose markings: TRICOFLEX Soft & Flex Technology Tricoflex Non Torsion Made in France
Available coil sizes: 25m 50m 100m

Tricoflex is also available in 19mm (3/4″) for commercial use and 25mm (1″) for high flow applications such as sports pitches.



1/2″ (12mm) Tricoflex hose

1/2 inch (12.5mm) yellow, multi-layer Tricoflex hose for professional use.


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