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A simple way of adding to an outside tap an irrigation manifold with solenoids suitable for a mains powered multi zone controller.

Why use a multi zone tap manifold?

For larger garden irrigation system the watering is divided into a number of separate zones, for example a zone to water the lawn and a zone to water the flower borders, and perhaps a separate zone to water the hanging baskets. Each individual zone needs its own solenoid valve to allow the irrigation controller to turn that zone on and off.

If the irrigation system is being operated directly from the outside tap, then this manifold allows quick and easy connection. A flexible hose is connected to the tap outlet and this feeds the plastic manifold with either 2 or 4 solenoids. A mains operated controller (not included) is wired to each valve, allowing sequential watering of the irrigation zones.

24v solenoids will operate with mains powered irrigation controllers.

Technical Specification
Inlet fitting: 3/4″ BSPF suitable for a standard outside garden tap
Outlet fittings: either 1″ BSPF or 3/4″ BSPM threads. (both included)
Valves: Hunter PGV – choice of 2 or 4 valves.
Solenoid voltage: 24v, suitable for mains operated irrigation controllers

Excludes controller and tap.

Underground irrigation manifolds are also available


24v Multi Zone Tap Manifold

Manifold valves with fittings to connect directly onto an outside tap

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