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The submersible pump kit for wells and lakes contains 3m of stainless steel chain along with a shackle to secure the chain to the pump. Pumping from wells, lakes, rivers and streams is an ideal method of irrigation as the water is free as long as you own the land. However, unlike mains water, well or river water is less clean and has to be pumped out. A submersible pump is ideal for this, but the pump needs to be securely suspended off the bottom of the well or lake. This package with stainless steel chain is ideal for this, and it also includes a shackle for the pump itself and a securing bracket to fix the chain to a suitable location.

The pump kit is ideal for the Diverton 1200X and the Espa well pump

How much water can I extract from a river?
If you have access to a well, river or a lake, you can extract up to 20m3 (20,000 litres) of water per day before you need to apply for an extraction licence. This is plenty of water for most irrigation systems.

As a rough guide, if you work out the area to be watered in m2 and then multiply by 3, this will be how many litres of water you will need on a hot summer’s day. If the well, river or lake is small you may need to think about whether the water source will cope with this amount of water being extracted each day.

Submersible pump kit for wells and lakes includes:

  • 3m of stainless steel chain
  • Two stainless steel ‘D’ shackles
  • 6mm stainless steel securing hook
  • Rawlplug

To secure the chain a stainless steel hook is included along with a rawlplug for fixing into brickwork. Pumps should be secured so that they are suspended above the of the well or lake bed and for dirtier water a floating inlet is also recommended.

Submersible pump kit for wells and lakes

Suspension chain and fittings for submersible pumps into wells or lakes

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