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This DAB Divertron submersible pump with auto-start is ideal for rainwater harvesting systems and pumping irrigation water from lakes, rivers and ponds. Unlike other auto-start pumps, which need to be manually primed and reset if the tank runs dry, this pump will periodically try and operate again after the water has run out. This means that if the irrigation has stopped due to the tank running dry, it will automatically recommence watering when the tank water level has risen.

Two units are available, the 650 and the 900X. Both units have a built-in non return valve. The 900X also has a 1″ inlet fitting to allow the connection for either an inlet filter or a floating inlet. A floating inlet is recommended in dirtier water situations as it draws water from just beneath the surface, where the water tends to be at its cleanest.

Technical specification

  • Two models available: 650 and 900X with threaded inlet.
  • Multi-impeller submersible pump with integrated electronics for automatic switching on and off.
  • Built-in pressure switch, control circuit board and sensor.
  • Dry run protection.
  • Built-in non-return valve at the delivery.
  • Easy to use and highly reliable.
  • Suitable for pumping clean waters.
  • Very efficient motor cooling, allowing the pump to also be used only partially submerged. Supplied with connection fitting for use with suction kits, particularly suitable for tanks with debris or dirt lying at the bottom

The DAB Divertron submersible pumps require a buffer vessel to protect the pump. Install in a vertical position only.

Flow (m3/hr):
650 3.2@20m Outlet: 1″ BSPF kW: 0.42 FLC amps: 2.9 Cable: 15m
900X 4.1@20m, 3.1@30m, 1.65@40m Inlet: 1″ BSPF Outlet: 1″ BSPF kW: 0.56 FLC amps: 4.2 Cable: 15m

Install an EVS4 strainer or a floating inlet on the 900X

DAB Divertron Submersible Pump

Auto-restart submersible pump for rainwater storage tanks

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