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The Tall Stake Border Sprinkler Kit reduces the problem of the spay from the sprinkler nozzles being interrupted by the planting in the garden flower borders by locating the sprinklers above the foliage.

Most garden border watering kits only have low plastic risers, which leads to shadowing of the spray of more established borders. By using taller metal risers the spray is thrown over the top of the plants.

This sprinkler watering kit consists of a black 20mm polythene pipe running the length of the border, with 1m galvanised metal risers fitted as required. Once the risers have been pushed into the ground the height will be approx. 80cm. Covers an area up to 75m2.

Tall Stake Border Sprinkler Kit includes:

  • 10 galvanised metal risers 1m high
  • 50M pipe, tap connector
  • Barbed fittings to alter the 20mm pipe layout
  • 10 large sprinklers
  • 10 medium sprinklers
  • 10 half circle nozzles
  • Entry fittings – the supply pipe can either be connected directly to the tap or water can be brought to the edge of the bed with a hose.

Choice of nozzle to suit border widths:
40 l/h half circle for beds up to 1m wide
40 l/h full circle for beds up to 2m wide
70 l/h full circle for beds up to 3m wide

Kit is simple to install, requires 3mm hole punch.

Tall Stake Border Sprinkler Kit

Galvanised sprinkler kit for watering garden borders

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