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The Border Watering Link Kit allows up to 4 separate beds to linked back to either a valve box or an outside tap using underground pipe. The kit can supply water to either border drip kits or border sprinkler kits. By linking the beds together underground the irrigation system becomes much less obtrusive and is easier to automate.

The kit consists of 25m of underground supply pipe, 4 take off points (one for each bed) and connections for either a standard garden tap or to an underground valve box.

The pipework is designed to handle a maximum flow of 1,000 l/h. Do not mix border drip kits and border sprinkler kits on the same run as the watering times are different.

Extra tee pieces (FLT20) and bed connectors (FLE20-3M) can be added to the kit to supply more beds.

Border Watering Link Kit

Border watering link kit allows up to 4 beds to be linked together using underground pipe.

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