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The Netafim PCJ CNL dripper and lead are designed for fast installation of drip irrigation systems into commercial horticulture and plant production. Manufactured by Netafim, one of the largest and technologically advanced irrigation companies in the world, the PCJ dripper offers the following features:

    • Labyrinth design with maximum filtration area
    • Continuously self cleaning dripper
    • Silicon injection moulded diaphragm

The PCJ CNL dripper is ideal for use in horticultural glasshouse production, protected cropping under polytunnels, tree irrigation and all areas of commercial horticulture.

Why choose Netafim PCJ CNL dripper and lead?

  • CONSISTENTLY UNIFORM YIELDS: Precision delivery of water and nutrients over a broad pressure range assures excellent crop uniformity and consistently high yields.
  • CLOGGING RESISTANCE: Continuous self-flushing technology ensure consistent flow-rates and flawless operation.
  • EASY TO SCALE: Number of drippers can be easily increased ensuring sufficient water to meet your plants growth rate requirements.
  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: Micro-tubes allowdrippers to be positioned exactly where required, and split into several drip outlets if needed.
  • ANTI-DRAIN MECHANISM (in LCNL & HCNL models): Eliminates drainage & refill effect, and improves efficiency during pulse irrigation.
  • BUILT IN LEAD AND STAKE: For fast installation the drippers include a pre-assembled dripper lead and Prevo ‘S’ stake

Netafim PCJ CNL dripper and lead are available in two operating pressures, with the HCNL having a higher shut off pressure, making them better suited to sloping sites.

Each dripper is fitted with a 50cm or 80cm lead and a Prevo ‘S’ stake.

LCNL operating pressure: 0.7 – 4.0 bar 80cm lead and ‘S’ stake
HCNL operating pressure: 1.5 – 4.0 bar 50cm lead and ‘S’ stake

Netafim PCJ CNL dripper and lead are available in packs of 25 and 100.

A 3mm hole punch or 3mm punch pliers are required to fit the dripper into black LDPE irrigation pipe.

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Netafim PCJ CNL dripper and lead

Highly uniform dripper, pre-assembled for fast installation


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