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Use this plastic border sprinkler riser for garden borders, flower beds, bedding plants in standing-out areas and nursery planting in cold frames. The plastic spike will push into the earth and is designed to accept a wide range of mini sprinklers on top that use the Eindor taper system. The sprinkler itself is not included, the user has a choice of watering nozzles from a 1.0m wide bed width to 4.0m bed width.

The plastic border sprinkler riser set includes:

    • 350mm plastic riser
    • Nozzle head to accept sprinklers using the Eindor taper system
    • 1m long lead to connect to the supply pipe
    • Plunger to punch into the side of the soft walled supply pipe.

If only a few sprinkler risers are being used then a 16mm LDPE polythene pipe can be used for the supply pipe, but for longer runs use a 20mm LDPE pipe.

The sprinkler riser is manufactured from black plastic. Overall height of sprinkler riser 350mm. The spike part to push into the ground is 125mm long, so once pushed into the earth the riser will 225mm high. Use the DPB3 punch to punch the side wall of the supply pipe to accept the plunger.

Available in packs of 10 or 100.

Plastic Border Sprinkler Riser

Small plastic spike and lead for watering borders

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