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This low cost polythene sprinkler stake riser secures to customers own stake (includes straps). The top fitting accepts Mini-spin taper nozzles and the base has barbed plunger for polythene pipe. The sprinkler stake riser is ideal for providing a low cost method of watering standing out beds in garden nurseries and market gardens.

Watering nursery standing out beds is of utmost importance in horticulture. These beds are where young plants, seedlings, or cuttings are placed to grow and develop before transplantation. Adequate and consistent watering is essential for their survival and healthy growth. Insufficient water can lead to stress, wilting, and ultimately, the death of these delicate plants. Proper watering ensures that the roots establish themselves effectively and that the plants are robust enough for transplanting into their final locations. It’s a critical aspect of nursery management that impacts the success of various agricultural, landscaping, and forestry projects, as healthy seedlings are the foundation of future vegetation.

  • Height of sprinkler stake riser: 1.2m
  • Riser pipe can be cut down with sharp secateurs
  • Top fitting for mini-spin sprinkler nozzles
  • Bottom fitting to connect to lateral irrigation supply pipe
  • Securing straps
  • Available in packs of 10 or 100

Generally 1″ square rose stakes (not included) are used to provide support to the riser.

Sprinkler Stake Riser

Tall, low cost riser for nursery standing out areas

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