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2.5mm Hunter approved irrigation decoder cable for use with solenoid valves in irrigation control systems on sports and landscape installations.

Irrigation decoder cables are crucial components in advanced irrigation systems, particularly those with centralized control systems. These cables link the central controller to individual irrigation valves or decoders buried in the field. They enable communication and power transmission, allowing precise control of each valve. Decoder cables are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and are often buried underground, protecting them from environmental elements. They come in various lengths to accommodate the layout and size of the irrigation system. These cables play a pivotal role in managing water distribution, allowing for zone-specific control, and ensuring efficient, automated irrigation, which is essential for conserving water and maintaining healthy landscapes.

Hunter Industries is a prominent company known for its irrigation solutions, and they have made a significant impact in the sports field irrigation sector with their specialized controllers. Hunter sports irrigation controllers are designed to manage and optimize the irrigation needs of sports fields and large turf areas, ensuring precise control over watering schedules. These controllers offer advanced features like multiple programs, adjustable run times, and weather-based adjustments to promote water conservation while maintaining the health and playability of athletic fields. Hunter’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has made their sports irrigation controllers a trusted choice for maintaining safe, high-quality playing surfaces and minimizing water usage in sports facilities.

Irrigation decoder cable should be jointed using specialist grease filled crimps, available from Access Irrigation.

Irrigation Decoder Cable

Hunter approved decoder cable

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