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The hedge irrigation kit uses dripline is made from a thick walled polythene pipe with commercial grade pressure compensated drippers spaced every 0.3m for even coverage. Waters up to 25m of hedge (small kit) or 100m (large kit). Fitting are included to connect to a hose pipe, a 16mm polythene supply pipe or directly to the outside tap. As an option fittings can be supplied to connect to an underground water supply.

Do I need to water the hedge?
Most hedge nurseries recommend drip watering for the hedge to help establish the hedge and reduce plant losses. In addition, regular watering with an irrigation system will speed up the establishment of the hedge and produce more growth each season, creating a hedging screen more quickly.

Using the hedge watering kit
The hedge irrigation drip kit can be either connected direct to an outdoor tap, or connected to the tap using a hose with a standard quick connector.

Use 16mm above ground supply pipe if the border is some distance from the tap, or use a hose to connect. Drip kit requires DB valve to comply with Water Regulations.

A simple timer can be added to the hedge irrigation kit to provide automated watering each day. The ideal time to water the hedge is very early in the morning.

Hedge Watering Kit contents

Small Kit Includes: 25M drip line, tap connector, hose connector, filter, anchorage pegs, and selected barbed fittings.

Large Kit Includes: 100M drip line, tap connector, hose connector, filter, anchorage pegs, selected barbed fittings.

Hedge Irrigation Kit

Drip watering system for hedges

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