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Pop up lawn watering kit for watering garden lawns, keeping them in tip top condition even in the height of Summer. Instead of spending a lot of time designing you own lawn watering system, use our ready designed watering kits to easily water the lawn in your garden.

Benefits of lawn watering

Nothing looks better in the garden than a lush, green well watered lawn. Regular watering also ensures the grass stays in good condition even during times of warm weather and heavy usage. With a pop up lawn sprinkler system everything is hidden under the lawn with the sprinklers rising out of the lawn when watering. Watering is normally done very early in the morning before the grass is being used.

Lawn watering kit contents

Pop-up sprinkler lawn watering package includes high quality Hunter pop up sprinklers and heavy duty underground pipe to connect the popups together under the surface. The radius of pop-up can be adjusted between 4.9m – 11.3m, and its arc between 40 and 360 degrees. For watering larger areas the coverage of the sprinklers must be overlapped. As a guide and depending on the flow and pressure available the SLW3 kit will water an area of 10m wide by 26m at 2.8 bar pressure – download the Sample Sprinkler Layout PDF for more layout ideas. The system requires minimum recommended pressure of 1.7bar.

SLW2 – includes 25m of 20mm pipe, tap connector, 2 pop-up sprinklers with interchangeable nozzles, 2 swing joints, adjustable key for pop-up and compression fittings.

SLW3  – includes 25m of 20mm pipe, tap connector, 3 pop-up sprinklers with interchangeable nozzles, 3 swing joints, adjustable key for pop-up and compression fittings.

SLW6 – note this is two kit SLW3 kits. The maximum number of sprinklers that can be run on a single line is 3. Run SLW6 as two separate watering zones.

Options for your lawn watering kit

To comply with the Water Regulations a pump and break tank are normally required with a pop up lawn watering kit; these also have the benefit of boosting the pressure for the irrigation system, ensuring the sprinklers throw the water the correct distance.

The garden irrigation kit can be automated with a range of mains operated controllers or battery operated controllers. If a new lawn is being laid, an underground valve box can be incorporated into the design, allowing multiple areas to be watered from a single controller.

Lawn Watering Kits

3 different size pop-up lawn watering kits with underground pipe

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