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Designed to boost pressure in small garden irrigation systems, the 200l Cat 5 booster set and break tank will store a buffer of water, provide compliance with the Water Regulations and boost the pressure. It is ideal for small lawns that require watering with pop-up sprinklers.

The submersible pump is built into the 200l tank allowing easy installation and also quiet running. The built in tank overflow ensures that the irrigation system is separated from the mains water supply in accordance with the Water Regulations. By holding a 200l buffer of water the irrigation system can operate for a limited period of time with flows that are higher than the water flow from the main tap – ideal for lawn sprinklers which are quite thirsty. The pump also provides a pressure of up to 4 bar, again ideal for lawn sprinkler systems.

The pump is designed to automatically operate when it detects a drop in pressure. To protect the pump, in the event of the tank running out of water, the pump will stop running, periodically checking to see if the tank has refilled.

Installation of the 200l Cat 5 booster set is simple. The tank requires a firm, level site and needs power and water. The unit is designed to be delivered on a pallet direct to the customer.

Category 5 backflow is achieved using an approved Type AB air gap weir. As part of the specification for type AB air gaps, any overflow water must flow freely through the weirs in the tank. This must be taken into consideration when siting the unit.

Dimensions: 650mm diameter x 1100mm high. Inlet: 3/4″ BSPM    Outlet: 1″ BSPF

Max Inlet flow: 1,400 l/h (achievable inlet flow is dependent on available incoming water flow and pressure). Tank capacity will be reduced due to the air gap (approx. 180 litres).

Pump output:4,200 l/h @ 2 bar; 3,000 l/h @ 3 bar; 1,400 l/h @ 4 bar

Please note: Bulky items with tanks attract an additional carriage charge outside central England and into central London.

200l Cat 5 Booster Set

200l pressure booster unit for small garden irrigation with type AB air gap

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