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The hanging basket watering contractor pack contains everything required to get you started installing hanging baskets watering around private houses, pubs and pub gardens, shops or corporate buildings.

The watering system uses slim 6mm diameter pipe that can be easily and unobtrusively clipped around the building. When a dripper is needed the pipe is cut with scissors and a dripper tee inserted. From the tee a lead takes the water to the basket and a stake anchors it in place. For planter mangers and window boxes a row of drippers can be laid on the surface of the compost.

The drippers in the hanging basket watering contractor pack are manufactured by Netafim, one of the worlds largest drip irrigation companies and world leaders in pressure compensated dripper technology. Pressure compensation ensures uniform dripper output down the pipe run even when using small bore pipe. The table above provides an indication of how many drippers can be operated at once.

A range of tap timers are also available to allow automatic watering.

Large Watering Kit
100 drippers, 100 stakes, 100m of 6mm supply pipe, 60m dripper pipe, 200 pipe clips, 30 branching tees, 20 straight connectors, 100 stop ends, 10 tap connectors, 1 component box

Small Watering Kit
75 drippers, 75 stakes, 100m of pipe, 200 pipe clips, 20 branching tees, 10 straight connectors, 50 stopends, 1 tap connector, no box.

Hanging Basket Watering Contractor Pack

Bulk components for installing multiple hanging basket watering systems. Large and Small kits available.

From:   £143.00 (excl VAT)

From:   £171.60 (inc VAT)

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