Overhead Irrigation Systems

Overhead Irrigation for Effective Irrigation
Polythene tunnels and glasshouse need to be irrigated. The most versatile and cost effective method of irrigation are overhead sprinkler lines which cover the entire growing area of the polytunnel. For neatness uPVC pipework is suspended above the crop, with sprinkler nozzles situated at regular intervals along the length of the tunnel. Straining wire is included to suspend the pipework from.

Professional quality sprinkler nozzles ensure a high coefficient of uniformity (evenness of water distribution) and the low water consumption allows tunnels and glasshouses to be watered from the mains supply. Wider tunnels and glasshouses have more than one line and tunnels have flexible downtubes to minimise ‘bounce back’ from the tunnel walls. Drip-stop valves on each nozzle keep the line full of water between watering.

Overhead irrigation lines for tunnels and glasshouses can be automated so that the irrigation can operate in the early morning when evaporation levels are low and there is no one about.